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Par ---BORIS--- le 20/06/2012

Hi mr Hi !

All i know is that voodoo has been updated and now, it should work fine, also, i dind'nt use Blender sinds a few months, my solution worked very well like that but i cant say anything for the today's versions of Voodoo and Blender, sorry.
But with the new updates...

Par Hi! le 13/06/2012

Do we have to remove the whole line "scene.set_frame(x)"
or just "scene.set_frame" and leave the (x).
and will this correction work perfectly in blender 2.63.

Par ---BORIS--- le 04/12/2011

Hi Mrdiul, the correction is very simple to do.
This is a topic i created where i explain the errors.
Hope you are satisfied with that !

Par Mridul le 23/11/2011

I am a programmer and I wanted to know what is the correction we need to make in the script if we want to correct it manually.

Mridul Dhar

Par Dalchemy le 29/10/2011

Merci beaucoup!!! Justement ce que je cherchais!!!

Par yves le 03/10/2011

Thank you for your work, it finally solved my problem with the py script...
Thanks again

Par Andreas le 21/08/2011

Thank you!

Par SkSahu le 13/08/2011

Thanks a LOT LOT LOT !!!
It Works Perfectly... :) :) :)
in Blender 2.58a, not in 2.48a

My Blender Script was showing the Mathutils Error

Plz don't delete it...

Par m_al_com le 19/05/2011

Boris is a GENIUS.

Par perrythebest le 18/05/2011

Desole je n'avais pas tout de suite compris. Mais c'est bon la j'ai piger. Merci

Par perrythebest le 18/05/2011

je ne vois pas de script...

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